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What is the PCSA ePlanner?

The PCSA ePlanner is a brand new online resource for students, staff and parents at Priory Community School.

Why ePlanner?

Cloud Storage

PCSA ePlanner stores your data in the cloud so it is available anywhere with an internet connection.

Cross Platform

As well as a regular PC, PCSA ePlanner looks great on a smartphone or a tablet.


PCSA ePlanner is available to all staff, students and parents at PCSA allowing data to be viewed and managed easily.

iOS App

PCSA ePlanner is also available to download for free from the iOS App Store.

Sign Up

To use the PCSA ePlanner, sign up below.
Students and staff will have to verify their email address, whilst parents will have to be approved by our parent link system.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998), the ePlanner uses secure in-house servers to keep your information private, plus any sensitive information sent through the site is encrypted.

Backups of the site and databases are taken regularly.

We also feature methods of data protection such as our parent linking system which only allows the parents of our students to view their child's information.

Looking for ePlanner resources? Click here.

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